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  • "I have been a vegetarian for 15 years. One of the little things I miss is jerky. I have made it myself, with good results, and tired several commercial brands. Pan's is by far the best I have had. Great taste, good spice and heat, with a great chewy texture. I actually hate mushrooms but love this product." – Steam Queen

  • "I am not a vegan and have been trying to find healthier options and Pan's Mushroom Jerky Zesty Thai is the best find so far in 2018. - Nick D.

  • "The only vegetarian jerky I know of that has the texture and flavor like regular jerky. It looks and tastes more like spicy beef with a little mushroom flavor. You do not have to be a vegetarian to like this jerky. Also, if you don't particularly like mushrooms, you may still enjoy this jerky. This product is unlike any other veggie jerky on the market." – Kevin G.

  • "Absolutely Delicious! I was looking for a vegetarian jerky that wouldn't be overly salty and this one is perfect!" – Lil Pinchands

  • "I’m a recent plant-based food convert and was looking for some alternatives to snacks I enjoyed. ...I’m hooked! Bought 3 full-size and I’m anxiously awaiting other flavors. The most surprising thing to me was the texture. Very fulfilling bite, much like meat-based jerkies. 5-Star snack food that I can feel good about munching on." - Paul S.

  • Great product!! Sent to my son that eats "real" jerky and he loved it!" - Andrea C. 

  • This is excellent jerky. You would never imagine that it's made from mushrooms. It has a great texture and a nice bite to it. Bought one to try, and just ordered five more." - Kath

  • "This is by far the BEST vegan jerky I’ve tried." - Corinn

  • "I was pleasantly surprised at how great the mushroom jerky tastes! I don’t consider myself a huge mushroom fan, but this stuff was amazing!" - Rachel 

  • "My only complaint is the bag doesn't have an endless bottom!! This was sooo good, fresh mushroom flavor, right amount of seasons without being overpowering. Great chew without being so chewy you might break a tooth like you would with regular beef jerky. I am by no means a vegetarian and I thoroughly enjoyed this product!!!" - Victoria L.

  • "Super tasty, moist and chewy morsels. My whole family loves Pan’s vegan mushroom jerky! We put it in ramen and stir-fry but love snacking on it all by itself!" - EJ M.

  • "These are seriously the most delicious Vegan Jerky packs I have ever tried in my life!! I’ve been having all my family and friends try it out, they have fallen in love with the taste just as I have!! I will definitely be ordering more and more. You can’t beat these tasty snacks." - Dillon B.

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