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  • Pan's Mushroom Jerky

    A perfect blend of flavor and texture that herbivores crave & carnivores love.

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People Love Us!

  • "Absolutely Delicious! I was looking for a vegetarian jerky that wouldn't be overly salty and this one is perfect!"

    – Lil Pinchands

  • I absolutely LOVE this jerky but gave it as a gift this time. I am guessing that my sister and brother in law are going to love it as much as I do. BRAVO on such an excellent tasty product!

    – Lori Martorano

  • "I have been a vegetarian for 15 years. One of the little things I miss is jerky. I have made it myself, with good results, and tired several commercial brands. Pan's is by far the best I have had. Great taste, good spice and heat, with a great chewy texture. I actually hate mushrooms but love this product."

    – Steam Queen

  • "The only vegetarian jerky I know of that has the texture and flavor like regular jerky. It looks and tastes more like spicy beef with a little mushroom flavor. You do not have to be a vegetarian to like this jerky. Also, if you don't particularly like mushrooms, you may still enjoy this jerky. This product is unlike any other veggie jerky on the market."

    – Kevin Green

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